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Beverly Kenney Discography [1954-2012][LB-UL-RS]

3NaT Beverly Kenney Discography [1954 2012][LB UL RS]

Artist: Beverly Kenney
Title Of Album: Discography
Year Of Release: 1954-2012
Label: Decca Records, SSJ Records, Roost Records
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Quality: FLAC (Img,cue,log,scans)/MP3
Bitrate: lossless/320 kbps
Total Time: 04:40:44 min
Total Size: 1.08 Gb/853 mb

1954 – Snuggled on Your Shoulder
1956 – Come Swing With Me
1956 – Sings For Johnny Smith
1957 – Sings with Jimmy Jones & the Basie-ites
1958 – Sings for Playboys
1959 – Born to Be Blue
1960 – Like Yesterday
2012 – Complete Royal Roost Recordings [MP3 only]

7Vt0k Beverly Kenney Discography [1954 2012][LB UL RS]

Davy Spillane Discography [1987-2001][LB-UL-RS]

LcVta Davy Spillane Discography [1987 2001][LB UL RS]

Artist: Davy Spillane
Title Of Album: Collection: 8 Albums
Year Of Release: 1987-2001
Label: Burrenstone music
Country: Ireland (Dublin)
Genre: Irish Folk, Celtic, Bagpipes
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: CBR 320 kbps
Total Time: 06:11:11
Total Size: 884 MB

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DesRee Discography [1992-2003][LB-UL-RS]

kHyD DesRee Discography [1992 2003][LB UL RS]

Artist: Des Ree
Title Of Album: Studio Discography plus [5 Albums]
Year Of Release: 1992-2003
Label: Epic, Dusted Sound Records
Country: England (London)
Genre: R&B, Soul
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: CBR 320 kbps
Total Time: 5 CD
Total Size: 618 MB


1992 – Mind Adventures
01. Average Man
02. Feel So High
03. Sun Of 79
04. Why Should I Love You
05. Stand On My Own Ground
06. Competitive World
07. Mind Adventures
08. Laughter
09. Save Me
10. Momma Please Don t Cry

1994 – I Ain t Movin
01. You Gotta Be
02. Crazy Maze
03. Feel So High
04. Little Child
05. Strong Enough
06. Herald the Day
07. Trip on Love
08. I Ain t Movin
09. Living in the City
10. In My Dreams
11. Love Is Here
12. I Ain t Movin (Percussion Reprise)

1998 – Supernatural
01. What s Your Sign?
02. God Only Knows
03. Life
04. Best Days
05. Proud to Be a Dread
06. I m Kissing You
07. Indigo Daisies
08. Time
09. Down by the River
10. Darwin Star
11. Fire

2000 – Endangered Species (Compilation)
01. Silent Hero
02. Get a Life
03. I Ain t Movin [Family Stand Acoustic Mix]
04. Innocent and Naive
05. Warm Hands, Cold Heart
06. I Ain t Movin [Live]
07. Little Child [Live]
08. Looking Philosophical
09. Caring World
10. Soul Mates
11. Feel So High [Live]
12. You Gotta Be [Live]

2003 – Dream Soldier
01. It s Okay
02. Why?
03. Righteous Night
04. Doesn t Matter
05. Human
06. Cool Morning
07. Something Special
08. Love Beautiful
09. Nothing to Lose
10. Fate
11. It s Okay [Stargate Radio Edit]

7Vt0k DesRee Discography [1992 2003][LB UL RS]

J.J.Johnson Discography [1956-1961][LB-UL-RS]

Fx7w2 J.J.Johnson Discography [1956 1961][LB UL RS]

Artist: J.J. Johnson
Title Of Album: The Complete Columbia J.J. Johnson Small Group Sessions
Year Of Release: 1996 (1956-61)
Label: Mosaic Records, Sony Music | MD7-169
Genre: Jazz, Hard Bop, Trombone
Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue+log) | Mp3
Bitrate: Lossless | CBR 320 kbps
Total Time: 7 CD
Total Size: 2,8 GB | 1,16 GB (Scans)

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Johannes Brahms Complete Works [2008][LB-UL-RS]

p2qr5 Johannes Brahms Complete Works [2008][LB UL RS]

Artist: Johannes Brahms
Title Of Album: Complete Works
Year Of Release: 2008
Label: Brilliant Classics
Genre: Classical, Romantic
Quality: FLAC (Tracks+.cue)
Bitrate: Lossless
Total: 60 CD
Total Size: 13,6 Gb

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Otis Taylor Discography [1997-2013][LB-UL-RS]

V5e3n Otis Taylor Discography [1997 2013][LB UL RS]

Artist: Otis Taylor
Title Of Album: Discography [12 Albums]
Year Of Release: 1997-2013
Label: Telarc, NorthernBlues Music, Shoelace Music
Country: USA (Chicago, Illinois)
Genre: Contemporary Blues, Modern Acoustic Blues, Jazz
Quality: FLAC (image+.cue+.log)
Bitrate: Lossless
Total Time: 10:03:06
Total Size: 4,2 GB (Scans)

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Parov Stelar Discography [2004-2012][LB-UL-RS]

zZBC Parov Stelar Discography [2004 2012][LB UL RS]

Artist: Parov Stelar
Title Of Album: Complete Collection (2004-2011)
Year Of Release: 2004-2011
Genre: Electronic, Nu Jazz, Electro Swing, House
Quality: mp3
Bitrate: VBR, 192-320 kbps
Total Size: 3,1 Gb

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Shemekia Copeland Discography [1998-2012][LB-UL-RS]

pMNFa Shemekia Copeland Discography [1998 2012][LB UL RS]

Artist: Shemekia Copeland
Title Of Album: Discography
Year Of Release: 1998-2012
Label: Alligator Records, Telarc
Country: USA (Harlem, New York)
Genre: Modern Electric Blues, Soul-Blues, RandB, Gospel
Quality: FLAC (image+.cue+.log), FLAC (tracks+.cue,.log), APE (image+.cue+.log)
Bitrate: Lossless
Total Time: 7 CD (06:28:33)
Total Size: 2,6 GB

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Sojiro Discography [1985-2009][LB-UL-RS]

z2LpN Sojiro Discography [1985 2009][LB UL RS]

Artist: Sojiro
Title Of Album: Discography
Year Of Release: 1985-2009
Genre: Ocarina Flute, New Age, Instrumental
Quality: mp3
Bitrate: 192-320 kbps
Total Time: 54 albums
Total Size: 5,24 Gb

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Sophie Alour Discography [2005-2014][LB-UL-RS]

OrXnq Sophie Alour Discography [2005 2014][LB UL RS]

Artist: Sophie Alour
Title Of Album: Discography
Year Of Release: 2005-2014
Label: Naive Jazz/Plus Loin Music
Genre: Jazz
Format: MP3
Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Total Time: 04:23:32
Total Size: 670 mb

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